The following information is for those of you who may want to know more about some of the options for local support with depression. In the first instance we would recommend talking to your GP about any concerns regarding your mental health and current or possible treatments. As you may well know, GPs have a key role in managing mental health problems. They can provide assessment and treatment for many common psychological problems and can offer referrals to other mental health practitioners or local mental health teams. GPs are the key route for accessing support and mental health care (including medication and/or psychological therapies) from the NHS. You can find out more about the range of treatments available from the NHS on their website.

However, do also consider other services such as talking therapies, counselling, or self-help resources, which have been designed to help people with a wide range of difficulties. The suggestions listed below can be used in combination with medical and/or psychological treatments provided by NHS health care professionals. We understand that what helps people is a very individual thing, so we are not recommending any particular approach. However, we hope this information gives you a range of options to explore so that you can find support which is helpful for you.

  • TalkingSpace Plus works with the NHS and supports people aged over 18 within Oxford and the surrounding areas who are experiencing depression and anxiety. They run psychoeducational courses, provide computerised and/or telephone based CBT and in some cases other options such as group CBT, mindfulness based therapies and individual therapy.

Phone number: 01865 901222

  • Restore is an Oxfordshire-based mental health charity that supports people to take control of their recovery and offers recovery groups and coaching.

Phone number: 01865 455821

  • Samaritans offer a safe place to talk, and are particularly experienced in talking to people who have suicidal feelings.

Phone number: 116 123
Address: The local Samaritans branch is based at 60 Magdalen Road, OX4 1RB and is open from 8am to 10pm.

  • Oxfordshire Mind is a mental health charity which can provide advice
    and support, including peer support groups.

Phone number: 01865 247788

The Oxfordshire Mind Guide is an online directory or all mental
health services in Oxfordshire, from support groups to community mental health teams.

For Oxford University Students:

  • The Listening Service: 01865 270270.
    University of Oxford Counselling Services: 01865 270300 or

For Oxford Brookes Students:

  • Brookes University Counselling Service: 01865 484650 or

For older adults:

  • The Silver Line ( 08004 708090.

For children and teenagers:

For anyone under 35 having thoughts of suicide:

Some online self-help resources suggested by TalkingSpacePlus include:

There are also several self-help books that can prove very useful. However, as mentioned above, which particular approach might help is a very individual thing so it’s best to have a quick look at them first before buying.

  • Overcoming Depression (Gilbert, Paul Constable & Robinson).
    This self-help guide provides step-by-step strategies and simple
    techniques for people experiencing depression.
  • Overcoming Mood Swings (Scott, Jan Constable & Robinson). This book offers insights and practical help for people who are disturbed by extremely high or low moods.
  • Mind Over Mood (Greenberger, Dennis & Padesky, Christine Guilford Press). This text provides a practical workbook for people experiencing depression, panic attacks, anxiety, eating disorders, substance abuse and relationship problems.
  • The Feeling Good Handbook (Burns, David Plume Book). A practical manual that helps those who are depressed understand how their thinking processes contribute to their depression and how, by changing their thinking, they can exert some control over their mood.
  • Manage your Mind (Butler & Hope). This book sets out strategies for staying mentally healthy and dealing with anxiety and depression, stress, low self-confidence, relationships, time-management and more.

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