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10 May 2023

PERL participated in the NIHR Biomedical Research Centre (BRC) Open Day at the Westgate shopping centre in Oxford. This was a joint open day between Oxford’s two BRCs, the NIHR Oxford Health BRC and the NIHR Oxford BRC. We had a wonderful day talking to members of the public about our research and how they can get involved. It’s a privilege to hear about lived experience of mental health issues and we would like to say a big thank you to those visitors that talked about their own personal experiences.  

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Talks to A-Level Students at the Banbury Museum

23rd April 2022

Dr Angharad de Cates, a clinical researcher in PERL, gave a talk as part of the Banbury Museum neuroscience experience. She chatted to A-level students about what it was like to work as a clinical psychiatrist and as a researcher in Neuroscience. It was a great chance to for the students to ask lots of interesting questions and help pique their interest in a possible future career in Neuroscience.

MIND Workshop at the ‘Your Amazing Brain Exhibition’

16th May 2022

Pilar, Sorcha, Shona and Chloe from the PERL group helped deliver an Art & Neuroscience workshop with participants from MIND as part of ‘Your amazing brain exhibition’ at Banbury Museum.

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Headington Festival 2022

29th May 2022

The annual Headington Festival in Oxford was a great opportunity to interact with the local community and share our research. We had a fabulous day chatting to families and using our ‘Neuroscience games’ to help explain how and why we carry out our experimental medicine studies. Thank you to everyone who we met and made the day so enjoyable.

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NIHR Oxford & Oxford Health BRC Open Day

5th July 2022

The event aims to increase awareness among the public, patients and OUH staff of the benefits of our research for NHS patients as well as promote public and patient engagement, participation and involvement in research. 

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Neuroscience Experience Week for Sixth Form Students

8th July 2022

This week-long programme allows 24 Year 12 students to experience neuroscience and psychiatry research through interactive, in-depth workshops on everything from fMRI experimental design, data collection and analysis to medical genetics and experimental medicine.

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PERL at the Restore Fayre

20th August 2022

We had a great time at the RESTORE Fayre, Elder Stubbs allotments. Thank you to everybody that came to chat to us about PERL’s research! 

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Mental Elf Blog on antidepressant use in adolescents

26th May 2021

Susie Murphy has written a blog summarising a recent Cochrane review which analyses the existing evidence of antidepressant efficacy and safety in children and adolescents.

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Hear Catherine Harmer chat about serotonin on BBC Radio 4 Podcast ‘Made of Stronger Stuff’

8th June 2021

Hear Catherine Harmer chat about serotonin on BBC Radio 4 Podcast ‘Made of Stronger Stuff’

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Catherine and Susie present at MQ Science Summit

31 June 2021

Catherine and Susie presented our work on antidepressant use and showcased recent work that has been conducted as part of their recent Active Ingredients commission. This identified core approaches to the prevention and depression and anxiety in young people.

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PERL at the Oxford Neuroscience Experience for Year 12 Students

26th August 2021

The Oxford Neuroscience Experience is an annual public engagement event where Year 12 pupils are invited to gain an insight into what neuroscience at Oxford looks like. The experience aims to expose the pupils to some of the fundamental questions addressed by neuroscience research.

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Mental Elf Blog on SSRI and Psychotherapy for adolescent depression

24th November 2020

Catherine wrote a blog discussing a recent review by Zhou et al. comparing the use of different SSRIs and types of therapy in studies with adolescents.

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